Saturday Morning Musings and Cover Reveal

Saturday morning and time to tackle the part of life’s list that aren’t necessary but nag at me just a little all the time. Top of the list – the closet. I walk into my closet every day and look around and think, why do I still have all this stuff? That’s because some of […]

A Reminder to Keep Going

Hey there Everyone – I know I write the funny, but on the Anderle team, I’m usually the ponderer. I’m filling in for YTT today and instead of a list of what’s coming next (there’s a lot), how about a shout out for teachers, and a reminder to keep going? I grew up poor but was able […]

Coming Attractions

2019 is just getting started and already there’s so many good stories rolling your way! You love Brownstone? Meet the Florida version – Franklin. A bounty hunter straight out of the bayou who likes to keep things simple Southern style in Red Shirt Monster Bounties coming in May. But wait, there’s more! Vicki is a […]

The Hero We Need and Deserve

YTT is back. Miss me? I missed you, dear reader. Wanted to share the Author’s badass pic. She writes heroes; she is one. A pen in one hand, magic ball of electric entertainment in the other. Christmas came and went and this Troll enjoyed his holiday with his family–both chosen ones and born. Magic is hot […]

A small look back. A small look forward.

  It’s been raining in Austin, Texas. Like the map shifted and we’re really Portland, instead. The overcast skies remind me of my days in Chicago – not the wide-open blue skies that are typical of big ol’ Texas. It’s good for putting my head down and writing, which is also good because there’s a […]

The Leira Chronicles – plus 4 Books (Yeah, there were more)

UPDATE:  I chose these author notes to let a lot of Leira Chronicles FANS in on something – there’s 4 more Leira Books after the Leira Chronicles – one year later – in the Rewriting Justice series. That’s right – more deliciousness to be had with Leira and of course, the troll – YTT. By […]

Dream Building

Let’s do a little January dream building. Making a reality out of a dream is in the doing. That’s an obvious. We can talk about what we want it to look like forever but once I have the general outline and I’m sure I want to do it – time to get going. My big […]