New audiobook releases and a last chance to preorder

There are newly released audiobooks!  Did you hear the news? Martha is building a version of the Dark Forest for Halloween. Things are coming along and she’s shared some photos on Facebook! Be sure to check them out! ​​We know there are a lot of you that enjoy audiobooks, so on the weeks that we […]

Listen to your favorite Rogue Agents on audio today

Even more audiobooks – all Rogue Agents today!! For those of you that don’t know, or might have missed it, Martha’s assistant is down in Australia and she’s been doing a lot of things ahead of time to work with her schedule. She’s almost a day ahead of Martha right now (15 hours), but she […]

New Oriceran audiobook releases await you

Let’s talk audiobooks! I know many of you readers enjoy listening to books as well as reading them. Every time we have a break in releases, I try to catch up on recent audiobook releases. Good thing I have three emails to talk about audiobooks before the next release of Protector on August 18. There are […]

Check out these new audiobooks!

New audiobooks and more! I know there are quite a few of you who enjoy audiobooks. If you are one of those people, then there’s some great news for you. Rogue Ops, book 1 of Rogue Agents of Magic, and Alison Brownstone, book 9 of The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone, both recently released! And more will be […]

Last chance to preorder next week’s releases!

Last chance for some preorders, others coming soon The first releases for this year are coming up next week with Magic Source and Above the Storm. They release Monday and Wednesday respectively. If you don’t have your copies preordered, your last chance to do so is the next couple of days. Don’t miss out! And if you’re […]

Are you ready for The Return of Raven?

Are you counting down the days? If you aren’t I know we are. Including today, there are 3 more sleeps until The Return of Raven arrives! I just saw the cover for book 2 and that preorder should be up before book 1 releases and that cover is spectacular. How spectacular? So spectacular when something […]

Last chance for free books! And more audiobooks!

Did you have a Merry Christmas? It’s boxing day, a holiday after Christmas celebrated by a number of countries. It used to be a day to give to things to the less fortunate, but now it’s more of a shopping holiday. If you have an opportunity and are fortunate enough to be able to help […]

Do you like FREE books? How about audiobooks? Check inside for both!

Merry Christmas to all! We have gifts for you! It’s a few days early to say this, but this is the last time you’ll hear from us before Christmas, it’s the best time to say it. Martha sends her best wishes for a very Merry Christmas! Whether you are staying home or traveling, we hope […]