Things should be getting easier, but they’re not. Will Fran lose her company?


Things should be getting easier for Fran, Mana Wave and the Evermores, but it’s not. Will they lose everything?

Did you have a wonderful weekend? In addition to her flowers, Martha spotted blueberries, figs, and peaches growing in her backyard. She’s going to have a lot of tasty treats once they all ripen up. I’m sure she can’t wait!

It was release day, yesterday, for The Magic Mirror. Things should be getting easier for Fran and everyone with the Darkness Between Dreams captured, but new challenges are coming all of their way. And it’s all connected to the prophecy and if the Darkness Between Dreams can be freed, then things will get a lot more complicated for everyone. Will Fran and the Evermores be able to put an end to this for good? Grab your copy to find out!

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The Darkness Between Dreams has been captured, the coven is in control of Philgard Technologies, and things should be returning to normal, right?

Just as they think things couldn’t get worse, a new lawsuit comes against Fran and Mana Wave. If they don’t win this one, she could lose the company.

Julia has plans for the Darkness Between Dreams – if she can control it. It’s time to put his magic to good use.

If she can…

But Handar is on the loose and he’s trying to find a way to free the Darkness Between Dreams. If he’s successful, the prophecy will be back on track.

Meanwhile, a split has developed between The Evermores. Can they put aside their differences and decide what to do with The Source?




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