Your input wanted for an upcoming event and check out these preorders


Three new series coming your way in the next 45 days!

May flowers are here and they are blooming beautifully! Martha’s secret garden is full of them and her assistant’s garden is also blooming. Who knew both of them could make a garden grow. Martha also has tomatoes growing and they are getting big.

There is so much going on this month!

Martha and Grace are starting work planning on a fan convention next year. It will take place in Austin, Texas, and we need to figure out when would work best. Below you will find information on how to answer a poll so they can narrow down the month for the event.

It’s your last chance to preorder The Magic Mirror. It releases on Monday! Order your copy today!

Then the first book in the Diary of a Dark Monster series, Guardian, will be releasing May 23. And Witch With A Badge, the new series by TR Cameron, releases May 25. And next month, then the Chronicles of Winland Underwood’s book 1, One If By Land, releases June 20. Preorder your copies now!

There are other preorders available too. Grab your copies of Magic AwakensWin Where I Fight, and Witch With A Grudge today!

Are you a part of Martha’s Fan Group on Facebook yet? If not, you might want to join. We’ll be doing some giveaways in the near future and there are some polls that will affect some plans we have in the works (rumor is there will be a fan get together next year and we need help ironing out the pieces).

And if you haven’t joined the Discord group, you can do so here:

Until next time…

We need your input!

​Martha is planning to host an Oriceran fan convention sometime next year and she needs your help to decide when the convention will be!

If you would like to attend and could potentially attend, please use ONE of these options to answer the survey. Note: there are three options, please only vote in one. we will be adding them together.

Martha Carr Fans Facebook Group Poll

Oriceran Fans Facebook Group Poll​​​​​​​

Take our survey: When to hold Oriceran convention poll via Survey Monkey


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