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Jan. 16

More Goth Drow audiobooks heading your way!

Happy Saturday

It’s Fan Pricing Saturday! And The Federal Agents of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set is still on sale for just 99 cents! If you don’t have your copy yet, now is a great time to get it. And if you do have it, tell your friends! We love it when you share our books on social media! If you can share directly from one of Martha’s pages to your Facebook wall, that really helps increase our reach and we appreciate it!

If you like audiobooks, the Goth Drow series has a new one out and one on preorder to release later this week! Quote the Drow Nevermore released last week! Cheyenne meets her dad face-to-face and comes to terms with her family history. Things get complicated when your mom’s a political operative and her dad plots anarchy. She has trials to complete and abilities to master to save the people she loves.

Then, The Drow There and Nothing More releases Jan. 26. Cheyenne completes and passes her trials, but she has one more step to claim her legacy. Join her on her journey!

Next week we’ll have some new preorders for you and a new boxset to enjoy! More Dwarf Bounty Hunter and more Magic City Chronicles are heading your way soon!

Until next time…

Check out these reviews!

“This series was so much fun to read. Incredible writing. The characters are lovable and courageous warriors that you root for. The numerous banter between them, the relationships both personal and professional that develop are heartwarming. The plots are solid and surprise you with unpredictability. You can’t even imagine what’s going to happen next.”
–PR Livin

“Real good line and characters would recommend it to people they like fantasy style dried and writings well written. I would read more in this series if it is published.”

“Probably the best series I’ve read in a long, long time!! I usually don’t care for the (as I call them) “shoot em up bang bang”s, but this was so well written that it kept my attention through every bit of it! Great characters, wonderfully engaging descriptions of magic, great humor and realness that had me very upset to reach the end of this box set. Can’t wait to join this group of folks again. Keep writing these PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!”
–LJ Buchanan


Have you ever been caught between two identities?

Cheyenne’s come face-to-face with her jailbird Drow dad. She has to come to terms with the whole picture of her family. Mom was a political operative, and Dad likes to plot anarchy.

Can L’zar Verdys help her reach her true potential from inside a Chateau D’rahl cell?

Cheyenne’s Goth-grad-student world and her magical role as a badass Drow halfling is blurring. Family history can be the hardest kind to bear. The rebellion she’s battling was started by L’zar and has become an endless O’gúl war that has fallen to her to end.

Can you walk away from family?

Not if you’re Cheyenne Summerlin. Her mother didn’t raise a quitter.

Are these new discoveries enough to help her complete her trials? Will she master her powerful new abilities in time to save the people she loves?

Get your copy to continue the adventures with Cheyenne and her friends!

Cheyenne’s passed her Drow Trials, but there’s one more step to claim her legacy.

The secret contained in the heart of Ambar’ogúl and a coin placed on the Crown’s altar. But not without her father’s help.

Will L’zar Verdys risk everything for the daughter he just met and the throne he never wanted?

Cheyenne will have to take a trip to the other side to see the destruction in L’zar’s world to learn more about him and the rebellion. L’zar’s rebels are ready to fight to stop the coming war and the creeping blight, and they need Cheyenne to join them. Will her halfling blood be the edge they need?

It’s a race to the finish against an entire royal army. What will be Cheyenne’s destiny? Become the Drow Ruler and fulfill the legacy her father left behind, or death?

Preorder! The Drow There and Nothing More releases Jan. 26!


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