If you haven’t started WarMage Redux, here’s an exciting chance to dive in


Everyone loves a good dragon story…

I understand it’s a holiday for some of you. Something about May the Fourth be with you. I’m sure some of you know what that means and others are confused like I am. I’ll have to get the little troll to explain it to me. I’m sure he knows. Either way, it’s a beautiful Wednesday!

​​If you haven’t started the WarMage Redux series yet, or want to own it and haven’t picked it up yet, you can start the adventure for FREE with The Return of Raven through Friday. Join Raven, Leander, Bella, and all the rest on their adventures as adults as magic continues to grow and cause havoc in Lomberdoon.

Lunch together while apart will take place on Friday, May 6! This is your last chance to sign up to enter for a chance to win a pizza.

Are you a part of Martha’s Fan Group on Facebook yet? If not, you might want to join. We’ll be doing some giveaways in the near future and there are some polls that will affect some plans we have in the works (rumor is there will be a fan get together next year and we need help ironing out the pieces).

And if you haven’t joined the Discord group, you can do so here: https://discord.gg/xuBnQTJW

Preorders, preorders, preorders! Grab your copies of Witch With A BadgeThe Magic MirrorMagic Awakens, and Win Where I Fight are all available now!

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COME ONE! COME ALL! (And bring your lunch!)

We will be doing Lunch Together While Apart at 1 p.m. Central Time on FRIDAY, May 6, and everyone is invited to attend.

Five winners will be chosen from the sign-up to receive pizzas which will be scheduled to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lunch!

If you don’t win a pizza, bring your lunch and still join us!

To be eligible, sign up at this form: https://forms.gle/WA6mrHHfRDYewRjJ8

Note: The chance to win a pizza offer is for those in the United States only, but everyone can join us on Zoom.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Make sure your pizza place delivers for lunch. Or note if you’re picking it up.

When one door closes for Raven Alby, she’ll kick open another one.
Raven has grown up and graduated from Fowler Academy. The young witch and the fierce red dragon, Leander are heading out into the wide open world. 

Raven is taking on the responsibilities of a WarMage – just like her mother – and has joined the corps.

Time to get ready for whatever the world throws at her and the kingdom of Lomberdoon.

Something is affecting the dragons, wild and tame. A few have turned up crazed, spitting fire and ice, right before they die. Did the creepy crawly monsters of her childhood leave one last poisonous gift behind?

Can Dr. Welby find out what’s causing it and create a cure before it’s too late?

And Raven’s grandfather, Connor, is still missing. Can the frenemy, Bella and her private company track him down for Raven – in exchange for a favor, of course.

Things are changing in the land of Lomberdoon and battles may be on the horizon. Who will stand with Raven and Leander?

Grab your copy for FREE!


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  1. I’m so confused. I just finished the first 8 books. Am I missing something in between the redux and first books?

    1. There are no series between, if that’s what you’re asking. They finished classes and grew up. This is them as grown ups.

      Hope that helps.


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