More audiobooks for your ears to enjoy

More new audiobooks to enjoy! So many audiobooks have released in the last two months, we had to do another email for them this week. Many of you were wanting more in The Warrior series and I have great news for you! Charlie Foxtrot 101 and Chaos and Gunfire are both out with book 4 coming soon! It’s a […]

Will Raven and Fran find the answers they seek?

Here’s to a happy holiday weekend… Fan Pricing Saturday is here – right before Easter, Passover or if you celebrate Ramadan, all are happening this month. So if you celebrate, or if you don’t, we hope you have a wonderful weekend. But before that, the two new releases are 99 cents this Saturday: The Crimson Assault and Magic […]

Two exciting new releases await you this week!

An end is here… April showers bring May flowers! Parts of Texas are getting plenty of rain which should mean lots of flowers and hopefully tomatoes later this year in Martha’s secret garden. Charley was visiting her earlier this month and helped her set up a bunch of new stuff for the garden which is […]

New Release! Book 8 of WarMage Redux is Now Available!

Welcome to the Threndoren wedding. Raven is there with Chui by her side, along with all of Brighton. But who is that with William Moss? No time to figure it out. The dragons grow restless, and the dogs start barking – An ominous sign. The ‘I do’s’ are broken up by giant frogs crashing the ceremony […]

Fran and Raven are fighting exciting new challenges – join them

Continue the adventures with Fran and Raven and their teams this weekend! This week was a busy week. We’ve got a few things being worked on behind the scenes – more on that in the future. This week we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day and early next week is the spring solstice. Before you know it, flowers […]

Both Fran and Raven are facing more magic, more problems

Two new releases for you should make this week better despite losing sleep… What better way to start off the week than with a new release? Except this week we have TWO new releases! Fran, Cam, Mana Wave, and the Evermores are dealing with trying to recapture the source and other problems as well in Magic […]

Magical challenges are piling up for Fran and Raven – can they fix them?

Two fantastic new releases are out this week… …and a new boxed set is on sale this week too. But first, Magic Lineage released on Valentine’s Day. Fran, the Evermores and Mana Wave have their hands full. The Darkness Between Dreams is hunting the Evermores – especially Fran. Will she be able to defeat whatever he throws at […]

Kick your weekend off with three discounted books!

Not one, not two, but THREE books at 99 cents. And a last chance to preorder! We’re now halfway through the first month of the new year! New books this week, next week and the following week and I know there are several boxed sets coming up for on sale in the coming months too. […]