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It’s been a busy week. Martha harvested her first tomato of the season, I got a bunch of stuff done (and lost track of time this week), and now a three-day weekend is upon us. Do you have any plans for the weekend? Remembering the fallen? Grilling out? Something else? Whatever you’re doing, we hope you have a safe time doing it.

But it is Fan Pricing Saturday and the two new releases this week are now on sale! Get both Guardian and Witch With A Badge for just 99 cents today only and start the newest series in the Oriceran Universe. Don’t delay! The price will go back to normal sometime Sunday!

It’s also your last chance to preorder Win Where I Fight, It releases Monday morning! And remember, there will be 12 books in this series instead of just 8.

The next lunch together while apart will be Friday, June 3. Sign up to win a pizza here.

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the survey about the convention in Austin next year. If you haven’t had a chance to do it yet, check out the information below! Note: the survey has moved from Survey Monkey to Google Forms. If you filled it out already, no need to answer again.

There are other preorders available too. Grab your copies of Magic Awakens and Witch With A Grudge today! And next month, then the Chronicles of Winland Underwood’s book 1, One If By Land, releases June 20. Preorder your copies now!

Until next time…

We need your input!

Martha is planning to host an Oriceran fan convention sometime next year and she needs your help to decide when the convention will be!

If you would like to attend and could potentially attend, please use ONE of these options to answer the survey. Note: there are three options, please only vote in one. we will be adding them together.

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Henry Nuemann is tall, dark and rich and about to launch a new invention on the world. But he’s also keeping secrets.

He’s a shifter – all fur and fangs – and a vigilante in the shadows of Seattle.

Now that the world knows about Oriceran and magic, mayhem has come creeping up out of the bowels of the city. Henry is determined to push back.

A new twisted figure has arrived on the scene – Bechtel Stryker – and he has an ancient bone to pick with Henry. His people, the Picts were robbed of their essence eons ago, and Henry has a piece of the puzzle. Stryker wants it back and he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Will Henry negotiate with an ancient warrior when his loved ones are threatened? Or will he do what he does best?

Fight with honor and to the end, even if no one ever knows his secrets.


See what fans are saying:

“Very busy girl.

It is hard to keep track where the agent is working. Ohio, Massachusetts, Ireland, Oriceran, and Louisiana all appear. There are elements that seem to have grown from other series in the Odiceran universe. Maybe there will be meetings with different agencies and characters. That the heroine is behind in her practice and preparation makes the supernatural more human. Sibling rivalry and mayhem is enjoyable. My favorite character of course is the new dragon. I hope I have not given too much away from this complicated compilation of conundrums.”
–Rabbi Fred N.

“New character, new battle!

Cait Keane is a witch who is a deputy US marshall. She bonds with a dragon. She balances work with her magical home. Lots of plot twists and plenty of unanswered questions.”


Magic exists. Too bad it might kill us all.
Austin Detective Maggie Parker’s world is about to be turned upside down in a frantic search for 4 Elementals.
Meanwhile, her neighbors down the road have an entirely different problem to handle. A deadly creature has been locked away for millennia. It was accidentally released. The three sisters must put it back in the vault.
Get both complete adventures in this 12-book urban fantasy boxed set to discover their stories!
From the best selling author of The Leira Chronicles:
The Adventures of Maggie Parker
Austin Detective Maggie Parker has seen some weird things in her day, but finding a surly gnome rooting through her garage beats all.
Her world is about to be turned upside down in a frantic search for 4 Elementals.
Not 3, not 5…but 4. Why is it always 4?
Each one has an artifact that can keep the Earth humming along, but they need her to unite them first.
Unless the forces against her get there first.
A compass, a telescope and untapped magic are her only tools.
Will she join forces with an army of gnomes? Can she get the hang of even a simple spell to defend herself?
Included in this boxed set:
  1. The Magic Compass
  2. The Gnome’s Magic
  3. The Elemental’s Magic
  4. The Magic Quest
The Witches of Pressler Street
Witches are being murdered in Austin. But how do you put the monster back in the vault?
The three witches of Pressler Street are the city’s only hope but they are running out of time.
A deadly creature has been locked away for millennia in plain sight. But big sister, Laura accidentally set the creature free and no one remembers how to put it back.
Find the witch-killer and stop its path of destruction on Austin. But what spell to use? Can the sisters figure it out?
Better hurry! He’s gunning for the Hadstrom sisters first. Time to come together and finally learn how to blend their unique powers into something new.
Can the sisters come together to save their fellow witches and save themselves?
Included in this boxed set:
  1. The Magic Legacy
  2. Making Magic
  3. Spellbound Magic
  4. Magic Trinity
  5. Magic United
  6. Magic Underground
  7. Magic Unbound
  8. Magic Reclaimed


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