Hope is a powerful weapon. Can Fran use it to defeat the darkness?


Fan Pricing Saturday! And it’s the last chance to preorder 3 books!

It’s fan pricing Saturday and you know what that means! The last book in The Evermores Chronicles, Magic Awakens, is 99 cents. See how Fran, The Evermores and Mana Wave solve all their problems and put an end to the Darkness Between Dreams. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting conclusion!

A new series launches on Monday! Winland Underwood’s story is finally here and if you didn’t get to check out the sneak peek last week, read it here! Then preorder One If By Land so you can start reading it bright and early Monday morning!

Grace will be doing all sorts of stuff this weekend before she heads to London for 10 days. She says she’ll still be doing some work from there, but who knows! She hopes to get everything scheduled ahead of time just in case, but you know how she is, she’ll still pop in here and there to get things done. Maybe she’ll share some pictures from her adventures.

And Martha has been busy in her garden and planning things for the future. Including all sorts of fund for next month, ​​including some contests which will kick off next week and the following week leading into the 5th anniversary. Keep an eye out for them!

The next Lunch Together While Apart will take place July 8! So no sign ups until the last week of June!​​

Preorder your copies of Witch With A Grudge, and Defender today! All of these books release next week! Preorder your copies now! And Stand WIth My Unit, book 8 of The Warrior series, is available for preorder and it releases the last week of June! Preorder it today!

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See what fans are saying!


This I think was the most exciting of the series, there was action from the beginning to the end. I hope this is not the end of the journey for Fran and her friends because I’m in for her next inventions and battles.”
–Amazon Customer

“A lot of great things happened in this tale! Intense, but fun to read! Fran pulled everyone out!

So much evil was happening, but Fran and her friends and family found a way to bring hope to people, and even the source helped! … What a great series! Enjoy them all!”
–Kindle Customer

Absolutely Amazing!

I’ve read all 8 books in this series plus several others in the Oriceran Universe written by Martha Carr, Michael Anderle and many other authors who contributed to this world. All of the books… Fantastic work!!!

The Evermore series is fun-filled, action-packed, quirky-weird, unicorn and sequin, chaotic-amazing reading. I’m glad the series is done but so sad that it’s over.

You won’t want to put the books down.”



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