Two books at fan pricing and do you have Rogue Ops preordered?


Do you have your preorder in yet?

Martha’s road trip finished up in Nashville this week and she’s heading back home – I think today. If not today, then it will be very soon. I know she had a lot of fun meeting fans and fellow authors on the trip with Craig. Craig will be finishing up his last leg of the trip before heading back to Alaska too.

It’s fan pricing Saturday, so you know that means A Mom, A Wand, And A Mission is 99 cents for today only. And if you don’t have the rest of the books in the Case Files of an Urban Witch series yet, all books in the series are 99 cents. Today is the last day for that too. So. be sure to snap them all up.

Also, 99 cents today is The Drow Apparent. Continue Cheyenne’s adventures today!

Remember, fan pricing is good on Saturday only and the price goes back up on Sunday. Don’t delay getting your copies!​

Are you getting excited? Rogue Ops gets here next week on Sept. 21. Did you preorder your copy? If not, grab it NOW!

Until next time…

Check out these reviews:

“Another spellbinding episode.

As Twylan flourishes, Lucy and her friends, colleagues and family keep LA safe from new threats in the shadows. Loving the dynamics between all the various characters.”
–Tiffer G.

“Another ending?

“Once again, Carr and Anderle have brought forth another fantastic, well crafted story. Lucy, Charlie, Dylan, Ashley and Eddie Heron are at the center of all the magical doings in LA. All the favorite characters we’ve come to love make their appearances, and they all enrich the story so much! I am sad to see this series end, but I am sure that this is not the end of the Oriceran world, and I can’t wait to see what our intrepid authors bring us next!”
–Kindle Customer

Get your copy to read the exciting conclusion to the Case Files of an Urban Witch series!

Cheyenne’s got one hundred and ninety-nine O’gúl activators. Take one down and crush it around – one hundred and ninety-eight to go.

Can she get it all done before all hell breaks loose?

Someone is causing magical explosions at shops throughout Peridosh and precious items going missing.

A magical thief is up to no good.

Are they the Banebreaker thieves? What will they do with the stolen goods?

A new magical on Earth is opening portals and wreaking havoc, and not even Cheyenne knows who it is. It just might be connected.

Stop the thief. Interrupt the spell. Save both worlds. As long as Cheyenne can find him in time.

No biggie… right?

Join Cheyenne, Ember and the crew as they work to save two worlds! Get your copy to continue the adventures.

As if bloodsuckers weren’t frightening enough…

whatever killed these people consumed their souls…

Leaving their bodies completely unscathed.

The victims had only one thing in common.

They were all attacked at my club.

But when you mess with my fans, Nicky’s fans… well, you’ll unleash Nyx and soon regret it.

The Grimoire of the Nazarene is still missing.

If the Order of the Morning Dawn finds it first, Mina will unleash a legion of angels to wipe out everything she deems unnatural: vampires, witches, me… and good people like me, people in my community.

Is there a connection between these killings and the missing grimoire?

I have reason to believe it’s all connected.

With every body that turns up at my club I suspect that Mina gets a little closer to acquiring the Grimoire of the Nazarene and ending us all.


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