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Fan pricing, preorders, and boxed sets, oh my!

Another week is ending and next week marks the last boxed set sale for July. We will have hit every series that has a boxed set out already in the Oriceran Universe. Can you believe that? There are quite a few boxed sets in this universe and we were happy to celebrate five years with all of you.

It’s fan pricing Saturday! You know what that means. Two If By Magic and Sentinel are both 99 cents today only. The price goes back up to normal on Sunday, so be sure to grab your copies today!

If you haven’t picked up these boxed sets already, today (July 23) is your last chance to get them for 99 cents:

Next week we’ll the last set of Oriceran boxed sets for you to pick up for just 99 cents. Keep an eye out for them. They go on sale on Sunday!

Other announcements…

Are you interested in winning a mug? New contests are up on Yumfuck Tiberus Troll’s page and the Kurtherian Gambit Fan Group. Enter to win there. The contest will end next Tuesday, July 26.

A new contest is available for your enjoyment. If you are a fan of Cait and Aza, a witchy and dragon-themed contest is now underway. Enter for your chance to win here! A little less than a week remains to enter!

It’s your last chance to preorder Ready For AllIt releases on Monday, July 25. Witch With An Enemy got delayed and will be releasing July 31. And a new series is coming in August – The School of Roots and Vines. Check out the preorder for Sophie Briggs and the Spike of Death available below! It’s a series tied to The Warrior series!

Until next time…

See what fans are saying:

“​Good, Lighthearted and Fun To Read.

With this second book in the series, it has become abundantly clear that the magic that is Mike and Martha is back!

This book gives a mystery without the drama. It will keep you in suspense waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop…. Only, it doesn’t. So you wait and continue to read.

The first problems get solved and new ones show up. Your tension levels threaten to snap your spine. And still, the shoe doesn’t drop. So you continue to read. And then suddenly….

You’ve reached the end, not quite sure how you got there, but loving every moment, regardless.”
–Tom I.

“​An unexpected story! Seems getting what your heart desires, can backfire! Enjoy!”
–Kindle Customer​


Henry Neumann is on a hunt. This time, the shifter is searching for a friend. Nicole is missing and if someone could take the bounty hunter, it must be bad.

Has Stryker stepped even further over the line? Or is it the Midnight Collective?

Everyone wants to get their hands on the old Pict relic in Henry’s possession. It’s the key to bringing back the past – and a dangerous army.

But is there an old player in town and is she the most deadly one of all?

Ward invites everyone to dinner but are the guests really prey of the ancient Goddess, Kunith?

Henry needs to figure out the answers and quickly. Even the teenagers are in the crosshairs this time.

Get your copy to find out how Henry Neumann can fight on to keep Seattle safe and keep his secret life as a shifter, if he can.



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